Michael Nordmeyer, Chief Technical Officer

Michael is an accomplished engineer with over thirty years of design and manufacturing experience working with national and multinational corporations around the globe. Having numerous patents in the medical and electro-mechanical device fields, Michael’s approach to design is as widely varied as it is recognized. He has built lasting industry relationships based on trust, dedication, and shared values.

After serving an apprenticeship in tool and die, Michael spent twenty three years as the Chief Designer and Sales Director for Bihler of America, a multinational automation and contract manufacturing group. At Bihler, he led multiple teams of design and development engineers in the production of hundreds of turnkey manufacturing systems in diverse industries. Michael’s creative, hands-on approach to solving critical design problems has helped him build a reputation of excellence and collegiality. Through his projects, hundreds of millions of dollars of manufacturing was brought back the United States.

Michael created a start-up medical device company and developed a single-use disposable surgical light with 510K classification. Over a 10-month period, Michael took the product from inception through manufacturing, including the required FDA approval process, marketing, and national sales distribution.

Michael went on to partner in the successful start-up and sale of a Florida based medical device company, New Wave Surgical. He and his partners drove to improve product design and manufacturing technology in order to streamline, lower costs, and improve quality and output. Sales and marketing strategies took them from 11k/yr. devices to 500k/yr. in 4 years. They made the “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies” list in 2012.

Michael has earned numerous patents in the medical and wiring device industries based on innovative design and manufacturing ingenuity. Focus has been on devices for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, surgical suture needle design and manufacturing, the residential circuit breaker, AFCI and GFCI devices.