Our focus is dedicated to developing minimally invasive, clinically valuable solutions designed to deliver illumination to a myriad of surgical sites without the need for a surgical outlet. Additionally, the non-tethered posture allows for illumination to be attached to any surgical device in order to complement standard operating room instruments.

There is considerable potential for this technology which can impact how surgeons work, and how well they are able to interact with their surgical team when illumination comes from within the wound.

Illumination is a vital component of safe, high quality surgeries. Historically, various electric bulb technologies have never received widespread use when incorporated into the surgical field due to excessive heat generation, poor illumination quality, and bulky size. White light emitting diodes (wLED), micro-electronic switching technology, and compact high power batteries can be combined with novel instrument designs to overcome the deficiencies of prior attempts, and make this category of surgical lights viable and highly cost-effective.

The ability to illuminate the surgical site from within is of particular interest when the surgery is performed within a cavity. Placing a very small, high intensity light source into or on the edge of the surgical cavity or wound creates a new opportunity to achieve optimal visualization.

The LumeNXT Light is a Latex free, individually packaged ,single use device with an illumination of 3+ hours. The LumeNXT light options are available for a myriad of surgical procedures. These extremely small, inexpensive, bright lights produce a very minimal amount of heat due to the innovative patented design. The lights are highly directable and consume approximately 1/20th of the power of more standard lights at similar levels of light emissions. Additionally, the innovative technology allows for very small batteries to be used which allow the LumeNXT Light the possibility of integrated illumination into individualized and customizable instruments.

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