Welcome to LumeNXT™

LumeNXT possesses the capability to offer highly intense light where it is needed
with special attention to the minimization of the heat as the light is produced.

LumeNXT’s offers a highly innovative lighting unit that is compact, self-powered, and selectively-mountable. This allows the illumination to be emitted directly into a cavernous wound in order to improve visualization.

The patented design of the Scintillant® light ensures against tissue damage due to inadvertent overheating by continuously removing the heat from the light-emitting element.

This unique innovation enables surgeons to access confined regions of a patient’s body more precisely, efficiently, and safely.

LumeNXT is an extremely customer centric company focused on leveraging our patented technology in order to create the most individualized and customized value-based solutions possible.

Let us know how we can help your surgical teams!